Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 - end of the world? beginning of my life

I've been living in Limbo, self denial, my own world. However you want to term it.

I've been at my job for NEARLY FIVE YEARS!!!! and considering that I considered quitting after the first day... I believe that I am resilient. or am an expert procrastinator. Either way, they're good terms to describe myself - resilient and expert that is... the others can be forgotten.

Its the fear of the unknown. The lack of self confidence. As much as we joke about how some people have a knack for public speaking and yet actually don't say much, I envy them for their bullshit and their self-belief that they can do anything. If push comes to shove, I KNOW i have the chops.. I just don't think I do most of the time. And those bullshitters seem to get their way- though mostly I suspect its because people want to just shut them up.

So 2012... the year where most have prophesied the world to end... is it the year I begin mine?

So this year...
1) New Job?
2) New Place?
3) Blog? at least as a diary to myself - hence to blog about my past experiences and how it compares to where I am now. No one has to read it but myself but the reminders are good. and the memories... if someone else reads them and comments GOOD... then at least I can't say that I'm talking to myself. If not, I still like the idea of being able to see where I've been - before I start to lose the memories.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MRT Woes 3

Have you ever encountered...

Ever felt that exiting the train is like getting squashed like a pancake.

Ever felt that exiting the train is like getting a really BAD massage

Boy! Do i have just the thing for you...

What u need is...

The Ultimate-Train-Exiting-Thing
(UTET for short)

Use the UTET efficiently by waving it through the door before exitting.
Hopefully the crowd would part like Moses parting the red sea.

If that doesn't work, prepare to

Use the UTET by gently bopping the heads of the people that are blocking your way.

The UTET is avaliable for just $9.99!
A small price to pay for your HAPPINESS.

Don't hesitate..


Saturday, August 1, 2009

MRT woes 2

MRT Woes 2: Thinking of ways to create space

My favourite idea of creating space in a crowded train is stacking!

Consider this, the train height is around 2m high. The average height of a singaporean male is around 1.68m and 1.58m for a girl (go google). That's around 35 cm of wasted space per person (I didn't do the maths, it's just random averaging and estimation).

Considering that your head and neck is around 30cm, a guy's shoulder height would be around 1.4m. A girl's upper half of the body should be around 0.6m.

Thus, in the 2m tall train car, a girl can sit comfortably on a guy's shoulders, taking up ONE space instead of TWO, thus clearing more space for everyone.

One person's sacrifice is another person's gain!

Naturally, for those abnormally tall singaporeans i.e. females or males above the 1.68m height, this does not apply to them.

and no.... I'm not revealling how tall I am.

(PS: this is all said in jest and not meant to insult anyone...)

Monday, July 27, 2009

MRT woes 1

I hate taking the train when it's crowded and overpacked. I find that it brings out the worst in me, I'm normally a docile, non- violent--- that might be an understatement, I adhor violence of any kind, NORMALLY. Place me in a crowded train and someone squeezes in too close, images of pushing and shoving come to mind and I've been on the verge of carrying out my thoughts.

Luckily, there's always things that are able to amuse or entertain me and thus, I've successfully avoided being thrown into prison for now.

Example for MRT woes 1: an MRT train is a magic box

Have u ever been in a train and squashed until u can't breath? There's not even a sliver of space to move, so much so that if ever fall asleep, u will never fall as there's ppl to cushion u on every angle?

So, why a magic box? At the next stop, one person walks out of this sardine can and five people come in!

MAGIC! There is no other explanation!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Flu in the H1n1 world...

I've just gotten sick. Sore throat, runny nose, blocked ear, fever... the whole sha-bang.

Naturally the first thought was... SWINE FLU! Then I dismissed it with the infallible reasoning.. that can't happen to me!

I went to the neighbourhood doctors' and found it fully packed with 15 people ahead of me in the queue. Being a lazy pig normally, couple that with being unwell, I found a seat and just planted my fat ass there.

An hour and a half later, I finally got my turn to talk to the elusive doctor.

So the doc did the usual, he checked my temp, he looked into my ear, he looked into my throat, he listened to my breathing, then he started scribbling on his notepad.

THEN, he crossed out a medicine he had written down and wrote another one down.
FOLLOWED BY, crossing out another medicine and writing a different one down.

By that time, I was severely perplexed.

Finally, he looked up and said,
"You have very. very slight wheezing in your right lung and that's a symptom of influenza, i.e. swine flu. So we need to be careful."

So much for my initial infallible reasoning.

Eventually, he let me go with some medicines and advised that I should return if I still had a fever in three days.

Well.. my fever cleared after taking the first tablets after lunch.... I THINK (see previous post).
Just kidding, I used my thermometer. I even read the instructions on where under my tongue I should place the thermometer.

But naturally, I sat down and thought about how many people I could have affected unknowingly if I really had swine flu:
  • The people at home (who are all healthy at the moment)
  • The people in my office, let's just limit it to the people on my floor.. so around 50?
  • The people in my MRT carriage... I normally take it to work, so let's say, 100 per trip? So assuming 4 trips, 400.
  • The people I pass when I go and buy lunch/walk home. Let's place that at a conservative 50.
That's at least 500 people.
These 500 people would meet other people.


Then again, I hope people are aware that h1n1 is like any other flu and most people can recover from it without any medication.

Please don't ostracise me!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Feed a cold, Starve a Fever

Has anyone heard of that?

There's been scientific research that the old saying might be true.... due to various immune responses to fasting/eating.

What if you have a cold AND a fever?

Fever till you sizzle.... what a lovely way to burn

I spent the day touching my forehead, trying to figure out if I was having a fever or not. I have a thermometer.. but if I don't feel feverish, I didn't really see a point of sticking it into my mouth.
Then again, everytime I thought I had a fever and stuck it in my mouth, it read 36.9.... when i thought my fever had died down, it read 37.5....


Like other issues in my life, I discussed it with my good friend(GdF) on MSN:
Me: You know, I've been thinking that I can't really tell if I have a fever
GdF: Cos you're not a thermometer.

Me: Ahh.. that's a good reason.

Now.. why didn't I think of that! Must be the fever...

FEVER! Fever started long ago....